NEC Versa S970 Notebook

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NEC Versa S970 Notebook

The NEC VERSA S970 has been designed with the professional user in mind. Slim and lightweight with an improved battery life of up to 7 hours, the S970 offers flexibility and ease of use for mobile users.

The NEC VERSA S970 is equipped with the latest Intel Centrino Pro technology, creating an advanced breed of business notebooks.

* New management technology enables the user to access the software and hardware inventory through the wireless network. The user can also diagnose and repair problems as well as modifying the parameters of the BIOS, thus providing considerable time savings for your IT department.
* Safety is reinforced with the control of incoming and outgoing data making it possible to detect potential viruses and attacks.
* Performance is improved thanks to advanced technologies, including a new socket for Core 2 Duo processors. This new CPU consumes less power than its predecessors, whilst providing increased autonomy.

Mobility - a key factor driving the design of the S970
Weighing in at only 2.2 Kg, with a 14.1” widescreen, this notebook was designed and created with mobile users in mind.

Beyond the new Intel technology, NEC provides increased autonomy by providing an ECO button. This technology reduces the energy consumption of the notebook by slowing the frequency of the processor by half and also decreasing the luminosity. Working in ECO mode improves the autonomy of the battery by up to 20%.
Furthermore, NEC offers an optional 12 cell battery which can provide 7 hours of battery life under normal usage and even more with the NEC ECO button activated.

NEC rigorously tests it’s solutions to ensure your peace of mind and provide a variety of guarantee options. So whether you are on the road or in the office the S970 will perform with varying temperature and withstand light impacts.

With bandwidth of more than 540Mbps and multiple antennas included with the chassis, the Versa S970 supports 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi.

The S970 in the NEC VERSA range
Stability of the platform:
The VERSA platforms integrate the latest Intel® Centrino Duo technology, to guarantee stability. With a 12 month lifecycle for all NEC VERSA models, and a transition period of between 4 and 6 months – NEC enables you to easily plan and manage your IT suite.

Personalization of your notebook:
NEC Computers offers a wide range of professional factory integrated services to support the Product and Solutions range.

Dedicated, Professional Support:
NEC Computers provide dedicated pre and after-sales support service across the whole VERSA range.