NEC Versa M370 Notebook

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NEC Versa M370 Notebook

The NEC VERSA M370 is the all in one solution which answers perfectly to all professionals needs. It is a user friendly notebook, fun to use at the office as well as whilst travelling. It offers high performances and an advanced distant management function.

The NEC VERSA M370 integrates the new Intel Centrino Pro technologies, creating a new generation of corporate noteboosk :

* A new management technology which enables distant inventories of units and software even via a wifi network. It is also able to fix, make distant diagnosis and modify the BIOS parameters. This is a real time saver for your IT department.
* A reinforced security thanks to the control of incomming and outgoing data. This makes it possible to detect attacks and infected notebook.
* Higher performance thanks to new technologies and particularly the new P socket for core 2 duo processors which consume less energy then the previous generation. The new chipset is also able to reach a level of autonomy never seen before

NEC VERSA M370: mobility and comfort without compromise
Beyond new INTEL technology, NEC stresses the autonomy by proposing its NEC ECO button. This technology reduces the consumption of energy of the notebook by slowing down by half the frequency of the processor and by decreasing the luminosity of the screen. Working on eco mode improves by 20% the autonomy of the battery. Moreover, NEC makes it possible to integrate a 9 cell battery allowing to reach 4 hours of autonomy and even more with the activated NEC ECO button.

Nec carries out in factory, a series of rigorous resistance tests on impacts and temparature variations. This ensures you, on a daily basis a reliable notebook in all situations. Whether it is sitting on your office or when you are traveling. Therefore you do not need to worry do about your notebook suddenly dropping or any unpredicted temperature variation. Our notebooks have been made to resist.

The VERSA M370 give the possibility of integrating the new Wifi 802.11a/g/n improving data transfer speed and the range thanks to a band-width of more than 540Mbps. This plateform is also equiped by several transmitting antennas for in comming datas as well as out going

Comfort of use
To ensure an optimal comfort, the NEC VERSA M370 is equipped with an integrated numeric keypad facilitating the handling of the figures and also with a wide 15,4' ' screen for better visibility. The possibility of connecting the NEC replicator port is an other tool which brings an additional comfort to extend to all of the devices on your desk.

The M370 in the NEC VERSA range :
Stability of the platform :
Nec has understood the challenge of IT departments. This is the reason why we guaranty our product for a period of minimum 12 months with a transitional period between 2 products of approximately 3 months. This makes the deployment of your IT park easier.

Personalisation of your notebook :
Nec offers a large range of integration in factory services. From the installation of your master, to the personalization of your frame matching the colors of your company. This feature can also be a protection against theft.

Support of professional for professional :
Nec Computers are orientated only for corporate users. With a after-sales support which worth the appelation of "Gold" as a standard on all our VERSA range.