HTC Advantage Mobile Computer

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HTC Advantage Mobile Computer

The ultimate mobile office: refined and up-rated. More power, more control, more performance.

Building on the success of its iconic predecessor, the second-generation HTC Advantage™ X7510 takes laptop performance in a pocket-size form-factor to new heights of power and usability.

Featuring a massive 16GB of internal flash memory, coupled with finger gesture recognition and an improved tactile keyboard for intensive text-input… the Advantage X7510 makes playing media, working with Microsoft Office® documents, sending and receiving emails and web browsing an altogether more empowering experience.

Slide the Advantage X7510's keyboard away to reveal the large 5" VGA touch screen incorporating the finger-friendly HTC Home™ application menu. Snap the detachable magnetic keyboard in place to enjoy flat surface use and reap the full benefits of Windows Mobile® 6 wherever you may be.

Lightweight and attractive, the HTC Advantage X7510 is perfect for on-the-move people who need to stay in the loop… and all without compromising on power or functionality.


* 16GB of internal flash memory to hold more files than before
* 5" VGA touch screen
* Detachable full-keyboard
* Integrated GPS chip for use with maps software like TomTom® NAVIGATOR™ or CoPilot® Live
* Enjoy super fast connectivity with Global 3.5G/HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 2.0
* Finger gesture recognition, working seamlessly with HTC Home™ for key information at a glance and quick application deployment
* Internet Explorer® and newly-included Opera 9 browser - optimized for touch-screen use
* Work from the palm of your hand, or use the newly refined snap-on keyboard for typing