Sharp HN-VA100U PowerLine Ethernet Adapter

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Sharp HN-VA100U PowerLine Ethernet Adapter

Sharp's PLC adapters provide a convenient solution to the problem of how to distribute content within your home easily and at high speed. The Sharp PLC adapter uses your existing power line infrastructure of your home, with no additional wiring needed.

Set-up is a snap! Just plug it into an available power outlet and press the SET button. With up to 85 Mbps ultra-high transfer speed, it is among the fastest technologies available today and compatible with HDTV transmission.

Because it uses the dependable HomePlug® AV version 1.1 global communicating standard, it is compatible with most network-enabled electronic devices. All Sharp AQUOS® LCD TVs which feature AQUOS Net™ are compatible with Sharp PLC adapters.

HomePlug® AV Standard
provides a reliable global standard for compatibility with many devices.

Easy Setup
just plug the adaptor into a 120V outlet and connect your internet service to the Ethernet port. No need for additional wiring.

Fast 85 Mbps Transfer Speed
enables a stable HDTV-compatible service.

Secure Connections
with AES 120-bit coding.

Virtually Noise-Free
with high-performance error-correcting system based on HomePlug® Standard.

Easy To Expand System
You can add up to 16 adapters on a single network.

Optional Choices
The HN-VA400U includes 4 LAN ports, while the HN-VA100U has 1 LAN port, and the HN-VA401SU bundles both the HN-VA400U and the HN-VA100U into a single convenient starter kit.


Communication Standard: HomePlug® AV 1.1
Communication Speed: 200 Mbps (max.) theoretical, 85 Mbps (max.)
UDP, 55 Mbps (max.) TCP
Maximum # of Connectable Adapters: 16
Frequency Band: 2 MHz to 30 MHz
Access Method: CSMA/CA (PLC interface side)
Encryption Method: AES 128-bit
Modulation Method: Windowed OFDM
Error Correction Method: Advanced turbo coding

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