Asus R700 Personal Navigation Device

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Asus R700 Personal Navigation Device

ASUS R700/R700t Provides Convenient and Realistic Navigation with 3D Maps

Catering to users who require a top-notch PND for their GPS navigation needs, ASUS, producer of high quality handhelds, has released the ASUS R700/R700t PND. This handy gadget is not only convenient for inputting routes via a user-friendly interface; the realistic 3D Maps provide a 3D panoramic view that makes it simple for users to navigate complicated and multi-level junctions. The R700/R700t also features a vast array of applications that include Bluetooth Handsfree functions to provide a smoother, safer drive; and the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) module for instant traffic updates (TMC feature is support by R700t only).

Navigate Conveniently with 3D Realistic Maps
2D maps can be slightly more difficult to understand when looking at complex intersections, so the new 3D map function is a welcome change for drivers. With a panoramic view of the navigation route, full 3D representations realistically display the surroundings with geographical illustrations and detailed road information – allowing users to easily and conveniently view their GPS positions in real-time. The 3D maps will turn, move and stop as the driver does the same, and will provide pan and zoom options to view nearby streets.

Bluetooth Features for a Smoother Drive
With Bluetooth 2.0 handsfree calling support, the R700/R700t provides users with fast transfer speeds, better voice quality and safer operations. Building Bluetooth connections automatically via auto-ping, it also provides echo cancellation for clear audio for conversations, shows the caller name when calls are incoming and can automatically answer incoming calls after 5 seconds. It can even speak out SMS content to allow drivers to concentrate more on their driving without the need to handle the device.

Safety First with Auto Light Sensor
The R700/R700t also contains a built-in auto light sensor that automatically optimizes the backlighting of the LCD panel. This safety feature not just saves power, it allows users to view navigational directions whether it is night or day; or even when driving in a tunnel. With this feature, users will get optimal lighting to view directions without straining their eyes or drawing too much attention from driving.

Stylish and Slim Outlook
The R700/R700t's concise design emphasizes simplicity without unnecessary buttons, and is only 13.5mm thick and 200g – making it lightweight for easy portability. With a subtle and sleek outlook, this PND will fit perfectly into any luxury car setting.

Quick Access with Large 4.3" Wide Display
Additionally, a convenient and intuitive interface provides you with a user-friendly interface that consists of a touchscreen control with icon-driven operations with a large virtual button for simple navigational directions that includes vibrant colors and pictures. The super large 4.3 inch wide LCD screen further enhances ease in operability by allowing users to see more roads, lanes and points of interests (POI) on the screen – allowing them to get on their way faster.

Versatile Entertainment Center
The R700/R700t is a portable communications and multimedia center that can let you enjoy listening to MP3s, watch videos, and browse pictures – making it your best companion anywhere. The built-in FM Transmitter allows the R700 to broadcast phone conversations, navigational directions; and voice out SMS in the vehicle speakers - allowing users to enjoy the best quality acoustics for their listening pleasure. It also saves the navigational software into the 1G internal memory to avoid the user deleting it by mistake, and supports Micro SD memory cards expandable to a large 4G for even more multimedia enjoyment.

Avoid Traffic Jams with TMC Module* (R700t Only)
The built-in TMC (Traffic Message Channel) provides real-time information on traffic conditions and allows users to be notified of accidents, road diversions, traffic jams, traffic light breakdowns, parking lot vacancies and so on. When the route passes into a traffic obstruction, the R700t is able to automatically calculate and lay a new navigation route to bypass the traffic jam via an alternate route. Additionally, it can provide weather forecasts for major cities – allowing users to plan well for a happier drive.
- The R700 does not support this function.
- The TMC traffic update depends on the TMC service in your region