Asus R300 Personal Navigation Device

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Asus R300 Personal Navigation Device

ASUS R300 with Auto Light Sensor and Bluetooth Handsfree for Safer Driving
Aimed at users who require top-class GPS navigation directions and easy portability, ASUS, producer of cutting-edge handhelds, has released the new ASUS R300 PND. This innovative navigation device is only 1.38cm thick and 140g in weight – making it ideal for portability, whether placed in the car or carried in the users pocket. Besides providing directions, the R300 is also a total communications and entertainment hub, and comes equipped with a built-in bluetooth wireless receiver to answer phone calls, and has the ability to play MP3s and view videos.

Intuitive Interface for Quick Navigation
With a user-friendly interface that consists of a touchscreen control with icon-driven operations in vibrant colors and pictures, the R300 utilizes high quality 2D/3D maps with street names – making navigation simple and relaxing. Access to various POI (Point of Interests) is convenient and fast to operate without the need to manually input all the data – rapidly display information regarding past location searches and making usage practical whether traveling in a car, on foot, in the user’s city or vacationing overseas.

Safer Driving with Auto Light Sensor
The built-in auto light sensor automatically adjusts the LCD display backlight according to different light conditions (eg. Night/day/tunnels) to avoid bright glares and allows users to concentrate on their driving for a safer journey. It also comes with an ultra convenient Bluetooth Handsfree receiver that automatically picks up incoming phone calls and SMS voice out – allowing users to have relaxed conversations and promotes safer driving without the need to constantly look at the device.

Complete Portable Multimedia Center
Ultra thin at only 1.38cm and extra light at 140 grams, the R300´s fashionable outlook makes this PND hard to put down. Doubling as a total multimedia broadcast device and equipped with an embedded FM Transmitter, the R300 is able to route all audio into the user’s car speaker – allowing the user to listen with better quality audio. The R300 also combines a MP3 player and video and picture viewer for multimedia enjoyment on-the-go, anywhere, anytime. It can even save the navigational software and previous routes into flash memory to avoid the user deleting it by mistake; and supports Micro SD memory cards expandable to a large 4G capacity for further expandability.