Seiko NSK PS Megatorque Motor

Kyocera Updated: 2007-09-05
Seiko NSK PS Megatorque Motor

NSK motors are high precision, high speed positioning units. NSK has carried megathrust and megatorque motor lines in the past. NSK now offers only the PS Series Megatorque Motor; all other motors have been discontinued. NSK will continue to support and provide information on all motors.

The PS Megatorque Motor offers high speed in a compact design. Capable of a maximum speed of 10 s-1 and a position sensor resolution of 2,261,440 counts/rev simultaneously, the PS Series offers high speed and high torque with a lightweight and compact design. These innovative DD motors are highly accurate, light and compact and increase productivity of various devices such as high-speed robot arms.

* High speed

* High accuracy

* Compact design