Tyan Thunder n6550EX S4989 Motherboard

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Tyan Thunder n6550EX S4989 Motherboard

Fully loaded with a massive memory capacity and superior performance capabilities, the Thunder n3600QX (S4989) is the premier 4-way server platform. It supports (4) 8000 series AMD Opteron™ Dual-core/ Quad-core Processors (1207-pin; Socket F), (1) nVIDIA NPF 3600 + NPF3050 chipset, (32) DDR2 DIMMs, up to 256GB ECCregistered memory, (2) PCI-E x 16, (2) PCI x 8, (2) PCI-X 133MHZ slots. It also features (2) USB headers, (6) SATA-II connectors (8) SASports, XGI Z9S 32 MB DDR II frame buffer on-board 2D/3D graphics controller, and SAS RAID 0/1/1E, SATA RAID 0,1,5,10 support capabilities. Additionally, the Thunder n3600QX (S4989) supports EDA, HPC, life and science, CAD, CAM, CAE and CFD simulation applications.

- Four 1207-pin ZIF sockets
- Support up to (4)AMD 45nm Quad-Core Opteron™ 8300 Series processors
- Up to 4.4GHZ Hyper-Tyansport link support
- Four onboard 5-phase VRDs (four phases for CPU-core and one phase for North bridge)

- NVIDIA NPF3600 + NPF3050
- PERICOM P17C9X130 PCI-E bridge
- HW monitors (1) Winbond W83793G+ (2) ADT7476

- 128-bit Dual channel memory bus
- (32x) 240-pin DDR2 DIMM slots
- Support memory speeds of 400/533/677/800 MHz
- Supports up to 256GB of Reg/ECC DDR2 memory
- Supports Single, Dual and Quad Rank memory

Expansion Slots
- Two (2) PCI Express x16 slot: one x16 signal from MCP55; one x8/16 signal from IO55 Two (2) PCI Express x8 slots; two x8 signal from IO55
- Two (2) PCI-X 133MHZ slots from PERICOM P17C9X130 (through IO55)
- Six (6) expansion slots in total

Back Panel I/O Connector
- Stacked connector for PS/2 keyboard and mouse
- Stacked connector for (2) USB 2.0
- Stacked connector for VGA+COM
- (3) RJ-45 connectors, side by side

Integrated I/O
- (2) USB headers (two ports in one header)
- (6) SATA-II connectors from MCP 55(one is for CD-ROM)
- (8) SAS ports (2 four-in-one connectors) from LSI 1068E
- (2) RJ-45 10/100/1000 LAN ports from 82571+ (1) RJ-45 10/100 LAN port from on-board KVM-over-IP server managerment (M3 type)
- (12) 4-pin FAN headers
- (1) 2x9-pin front panel header
- (1) 2x7-pin TYFP2 header
- (1) 2x9-pin FAN header for BB
- (1) 2x3-pin LCM header

System Management
- KVM-over-IP server management on board (M3 type)

Onboard SAS Controller
- LSI 1068E SAS controller
- 8 SAS ports
- RAID 0,1,1E support+

Integrated Network Processor
- GbE Intel 82571 (two GbE ports)
- Davicom DM9161 (PHY) for onboard KVM-over-IP server management (M3 type)
- WOL and PXE support
- Three RJ-45 ports with LEDs

Integrated SATA Controllers
- Supports (4) SATA-II ports running at 3.0Gb/s from MCP55; RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 capable

Integrated LAN Controller
- (2) GbE LAN ports via Marvell PHY 88E1121
- Supports WOL and PXE
- (2) RJ-45 ports with LED

Integrated 2D/3D PCI Graphics
- XGI Z9S(2)
- PCI interface
- 32MB DDR II frame buffer

- AMI BIOS® on 8Mbit LPC Flash ROM

Power Connectorr
- (1)24-pin(2x12-pin),3V+5V+12V power connector
- (2) 8-pin(2x4-pin), 12V power connector
- (1) 4-pin(2x2-pin), 12V power connector

Form Factor
- MEB(13" x 16.2")
- PCB layer: 10-layer