Sony Ericsson C702a Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Updated: 2008-02-10
Sony Ericsson C702a Mobile Phone

Picture geography
Geo tagging is here. When you take a picture, information where you are is added to the image. Share instantly - blog or send a picture message.

Face focus
Face detection puts people in focus. If there's a face in your viewfinder, your C702a will automatically detect and focus on it. Clarity is right where you want it.

You know the way
With the C702a at hand, you won't get lost. Your phone comes with built-in A-GPS. Let Google Maps™ Mobile guide you to your destination.

Any angle. Any weather
Splash and dust resistant - the is imaging in action. This 3.2 megapixel Cyber-shot™ phone can be operated with one hand, allowing you to take pictures from any position.

Sony Ericsson’s megapixel digital camera gives you crisp, high resolution images with added features more common to standalone cameras.

Video blog
You get your own personal blog site with your phone. So why not add some moving pictures to it? Shoot a video clip, and all it takes to upload it is a few clicks.

Capture the action
Video clips are ideal for those unexpected great moments that happen when you're out there, enjoying life.

Media manager
With your phone kit you get a CD containing music, photo and video clip management software. Transfer music, videos, photos to and from your phone.

Email in your pocket
Built-in email client - access your inbox anywhere, check and send email from anywhere in the world.

Photo light
Turn it on to get a better picture when lighting is poor.

Take a picture of where you are, record or write a greeting and send to any MMS-capable phone or email address. Send pictures, text, sound and video.

HSDPA – serious download speed
Enjoy the mobile Internet at broadband-like speed in your phone. Download large files and email attachments in a snap. Get Web sites and news feeds to your screen in seconds. HSDPA takes 3G a step further.

Links you like
Forget cables - wireless is the way forward. Connect to other devices with Bluetooth™ to sync, share and send.