Sony ECM-S930C Camcorder Microphone

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Sony ECM-S930C Camcorder Microphone

Sony's ECM-S930C Camcorder Microphone is designed for Digital Recording for high quality stereo sound. The ECM-S930C features high quality microphone with wide frequency response, lower noise, one point stereo pickup with two microphone capsules for left and right side, directional angle switch (90/120 degrees) and ideal for recording parties, stage productions and meetings.

Ideal for Recording Parties, Stage Productions, Meetings
when you want to capture the real atmosphere of any get-together, show or business meeting

Universal Accessory Compatible and complies with most video camcorders that have a standard accessory shoe

LightWeight, Small Size makes it easy to take the microphone along wherever you go

OFC Litz Microphone Cord and Gold Plated Plug for maximum conductivity, minimum noise

L-Shaped Stereo Mini Plug allows for versatile connections

2-Way Power Supply allows operation on lithium battery or plug-in to power source

Carrying Pouch Supplied to help protect microphone in transit

Directional Angle Switch (90/120 Degrees) permits changing the directivity characteristics depending on the recording environment and source, so that when the source is a fixed location the 90-degree position can be used, and when sources are multiple or in a wider area the 120-degree position should be selected

Designed for Digital Recording with Camcorder to produce video recordings with excellent stereo sound

High Quality Microphone with wide frequency response, lower noise, wide dynamic range

One-Point Stereo Pickup with Two Microphone Capsules has separate capsules for left side and right side pickup that allows every overlapping voice to be reproduced

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