Nikon 6B Autocollimator

Nikon Updated: 2007-06-20
Nikon 6B Autocollimator

Exceptional accuracy and reliability that only Nikon can provide.

Nikon's 6B autocollimator checks alignment and measures very small angular deviations to measure flatness or height by simple geometry. The 6B brightfield model projects a dark cross and illuminates the surface so you can see details. Provides measuring accuracy down to 0.5 arc seconds.

Viewfield Diagram
The 6B Autocollimator makes high-precision measurements simultaneously on two axes with the brightfield technique.

70mm Aperture Lenses
The 6B employs a 70mm aperture lens to product clear, reflected images. It also features extremely accurate double line reticles for improved detection.

0.5 Second Measuring Accuracy
Readings of angular displacement of 0.5 second of arc using an easy-to-read large-diameter micrometer drum.

Field of View: Bright viewfield and dark cross-line

Telescope magnification: 38X

Objective: F=700mm effective aperture 70mm with paralax (flatness) correction adjustment.

Readout: Read minutes from the markings on the x and y main scales. 0-30 minutes of arc x and y in 1 minute increments. A Micrometer drum marked 0-60 Seconds of arc with minumum reading 0.5 seconds.

Measuring accuracy: Autocollimator Stand Type 3 - Heavy duty with unique precision 2 axis targeting adjustment knobs. Spirel column height adjustment as well as 360 degree tilt, swivel and rotation.

Light source: 6v 20w transformer available in 120v and 240v AC models

System components: Autocollimator type 6D or 6B, Type C adjustable stand and 6v 20w transformer

Weight: Autocollimator and stand - approximately 30kg (66 lbs)