Konica Minolta TL-1 Illuminance Meter

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Konica Minolta TL-1 Illuminance Meter

Portable, lightweight [only 180g, (6-3/8 oz.) including battery], and easy to use, the Minolta Illuminance Meter TL-1 measures illuminance in a variety of applications.

In addition to use in specialized fields, such as interior design and installation of electrical fixtures, the TL-1 is ideal for general applications, including measuring lighting levels in the home, office, restaurant, school, etc.

Two models of the TL-1 are available: the TL-1 (lx) measures illuminance in lux (lx) from 0.1 to 19,900 lx; the TL-1 (ft-c) measures illuminance in foot-candles (ft-c) from 0.01 to 1,999 ft-c.

The wide total measuring range of either model is divided into three smaller ranges, one of which is automatically selected to provide the highest possible resolution for the measured illuminance level.

Both models also utilize easy-to-read digital LCD (liquid crystal display) panels, which are automatically switched off after approximately 20 seconds to conserve power.