Konica Minolta MM-4e Controlled Lighting

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Konica Minolta MM-4e Controlled Lighting

Compact Multi-Source Viewing Systems For The Inspection And Color Discrimination Of: Inks, Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Paper, Colorants, and other colored materials

Ideal for: Cosmetics, Coatings, Printing & Packaging, Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior & Fashion Design

The MM-4e provides five spectrally dissimilar sources of illumination for accurate visual color assessment and color comparison, duplication of your client's lighting environment, and easy detection of metamerism. The MM-4e includes a new digital control which confirms your selected source via an illuminated push button and is easily programmable to provide one touch automatic light source sequencing.

Five Standard Light Sources:

* Artificial Daylight (D65 or D50)
* Store Light (CWF or TL84)
* Home Light (Incandescent A or Horizon)
* Your Choice (D50, 30U, TL84, TL83
* Ultraviolet (UVA BLB)

MM-4e: Viewing Area 14.25" x 24" x 16" (36 cm x 61 cm x 41 cm) Munsell N7/ neutral gray surround