Polk Audio I-Sonic ES2 Entertainment System

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Polk Audio I-Sonic ES2 Entertainment System

Surround Yourself With Rich, Room-filling Sound That Amazes Even The Audio Critics.

Polk Audio has been delivering premium sound systems for nearly 4 decades, and now we have brought award winning performance to your iPod and iPhone with the I-Sonic Entertainment System 2. We designed the I-Sonic ES2 not only to fill your room with great sound from your iPod, but also enable you to get much more entertainment from your iPod than from any other dock.

Sits On Any Table and Fills Any Room.

The I-Sonic ES2 allows you to downsize your entertainment system without downsizing your listening experience. You'll be surprised at just how good the music on your iPod or iPhone can sound. Polk Audio's exclusive I-Sonic 4-speaker array, advanced digital signal processing and patented PowerPort® bass all work together to create room filling sound you have to hear to believe. Place our compact system anywhere in your room and the I-sonic audio system will give everyone an exceptional experience.

The AUDIO in your Audio/Video System.

A Complete Entertainment System that lets you do more than listen to your iPod or iPhone. The I-Sonic ES enable you to Stream videos directly from your iPod to your TV via S-video or composite connection. Podcasts, YouTube videos, Photos, Movies and TV shows, and of course Music and Music Videos. Enjoy them all on a bigger screen and with bigger sound through the I-Sonic ES2. Connect your TV audio to the I-Sonic ES2 and surround yourself with rich, room-filling sound while you watch TV or a DVD.

Brings All The Music On Your iPod Out Of Storage.

Have you actually ever really heard the music that's on your iPod? No, really, have you? Don't get us wrong. As a storage device, the iPod is a spectacular product. But it's our speaker system that unleashes your music. The audiophile grade sound lets you hear the true quality of your TV, radio broadcasts, videos and your music library. Just plug in your iPod or iPhone and hear what you've been missing. You'll love what you hear.
Upgradeable so You Can Enjoy Your iPod and iPhone for Years to Come.

Worry free and good for our environment - software upgrades you can download over the internet insure your I-Sonic ES2 will have the latest features for iPods. And since the I-Sonic ES2 will be compatible for years to come, there is no need to buy another dock as new iPods are introduced reducing the waste in our landfills. Furthermore, the I-Sonic ES2 is made from environmentally safe materials, plus we used the latest manufacturing technology to eliminate the use of lead and other harmful chemicals.

A Portal for Discovering New Music and Radio Programs.
HD Radio® is changing the quality and content of broadcast radio.

HD Radio offers Static-free, crystal-clear reception with CD-quality sound on FM; FM-stereo quality sound on AM. New Music, New Sounds, New artists and new personalities can be found on HD multicast stations (HD-2, HD-3). Some broadcasters are offering new genres and new music from abroad but you will need a system with a HD Radio Receiver to hear all the new content. HD Radio receivers also receive conventional analog AM/FM broadcasts and there is no subscription required, its free!
iTunes Tagging. Discovering new music is yours at the touch of a button.

Used in conjunction with HD Radio and your iPod or iPhone*, it's a snap to buy Tagged songs from the Apple iTunes Music Store. Here's how:

1. Tune into any HD Radio station with the I-Sonic ES2. When you hear a tune you like, press the Tag button on the I-Sonic ES2. The Tag data is stored for future reference. (You can store up to 50 songs.)
2. Dock your iPod or iPhone* in the I-Sonic ES2 and the Tags are transferred automatically.
3. Sync the iPod or iPhone* with your computer and your Tagged songs will appear in a Tagged Playlist in iTunes. You can then preview and purchase that song directly from the iTunes Store.