Sony VCL-0625S 25mm 0.6X Wide Angle Lens

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Sony VCL-0625S 25mm 0.6X Wide Angle Lens

VCL-0625S wide angle lens brings everyone into the picture with 0.6x magnification for Handycam® camcorders.

Now you can fit everyone in the shot thanks to the VCL-0625S wide angle lens. It's designed to provide 25mm diameter lens Handycam® camcorders a 0.6x magnification for picture perfect wide angle shots. It even includes a convenient carrying pouch to keep it safe while on the go. Now you can compose your shots and make sure to include everyone like a pro!

0.6X wide-angle converter for Sony® 25mm diameter lenses

Lens design: 3 groups, 3 elements

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Dimensions (Approx.): 1 3/16 x 1 1/7" (45.5 x 29mm)
* Screw Diameter: M25 x 0.75
* Weight (Approx.): 2oz (45g)

* Material: Plastic (ABS), Glass

* Lens Groups-Elements: 3 groups, 3 elements
* Magnification: x 0.6

Accessories Supplied
* Carrying case
* Lens cap (front)
* Lens cap (back)

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