Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000

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Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000

Experience the difference of powerful laser technology at your fingertips. Laser Mouse 6000 offers superior performance and control along with new software features like Precision Booster and Gaming Toggle to give you the competitive edge. The scroll wheel with detents enables more efficient weapons changing and productivity, and the Magnifier delivers a new way to enlarge and edit detail with just a click.

Laser Technology
Enjoy accurate, smooth cursor control with Microsoft Laser Technology.

Point and click to enlarge and edit details using the Magnifier.

Precision Booster and Gaming Toggle
Exciting new features help enhance your game—Precision Booster and Gaming Toggle.

Scroll Wheel with Detents
The scroll wheel with detents enables extremely accurate scrolling—perfect for accurate weapons changing in fast-paced first-person shooters.

Additional Features:
Ergonomic Design
Thin, Flexible Wire
Metallic Black Finish
Gaming Toggle
Comfort for Either Hand
Customizable Buttons
3 Year Warranty