Panasonic NI-C76SR Steam Iron

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-26
Panasonic NI-C76SR Steam Iron

3-Way Auto Shut-Off Remembers to Turn Off the Iron When You Don't
No more trips back home to see if you left the iron on. Our mercury-free electronic sensor automatically shuts off the iron after 10 minutes if it is left in the upright position. The iron will also turn off after 60 seconds if it is tipped over on its side or left unmoved on the soleplate.

Curved Soleplate Helps Eliminate Fabric Tugging and Snagging
A curved soleplate applies the majority of pressure at the center of the iron, so there is less drag and minimal wrinkling. A conventional iron with a flat soleplate applies pressure at the tip, which often leads to tugging or snagging of the fabric.

Automatic Retractable Cord Reel
Retract the cord quickly and easily with just a touch of a button.

See-Through Detachable Water Tank
The detachable water tank snaps off the base of the iron for easy filling and emptying. It also can be removed for enhanced maneuverability to reach tough areas like cuffs and sleeves. The water level can be seen with a simple glance, so you know when it's time to refill.

Select the Amount of Steam for the Job
The adjustable steam button allows you to select just the right amount of steam required for your ironing needs. Choose regular steam for heavier fabrics or light steam for touch-ups.

Vertical Steam Can Help Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Curtains
Our vertical steam feature allows you to direct an extra burst of steam where needed with a push of a button. This feature is helpful when ironing curtains, clothes on hangers, or just "touching up."

Steam or Dry Ironing - the Choice is Yours
With our steam/dry selector, you can select to steam or dry iron by simply pushing a button.

Spray Mist the Wrinkles Away!
The spay mist button helps eliminate stubborn wrinkles by directing extra moisture where necessary.

2-for-1 with Jet-of-Steam and Self-Cleaning
A powerful burst of steam helps remove stubborn wrinkles when ironing. It also helps clean the steam vents on the soleplate after ironing.

Anti-Calcium System Helps Maximize Your Ironing Performance
The anti-calcium system helps prevent clogging of the steam vents by reducing sediment build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron. This helps maintain maximum performance of the steaming function.

3-Way Auto Shut-Off  Yes
Adjustable Steam  Yes
Pushbutton Steam/Dry Selector  Yes
Non-Stick Coating  Yes
Spray Mist  Yes
Automatic Retractable Cord Reel  Yes
Jet-of-Steam/Self-Cleaning  Yes
Vertical Steam  Yes
Anti-Calcium System  Yes
Curved Soleplate  Stainless Steel
Detachable Water Tank  Yes
Cordless  No
1400 Watts  No
Electric Temperature Control  No
All-Temperature Steam/Dry Cleaning  No
Heat-Resistant Carrying Case  No
Retractable Cord Reel on Changing Base  No
Rated Power  120V, 1200W
Accessories  No
Temperature Range  176°F - 392°F
Dimensions (H x W x D)  45/16'' x 107/16'' x 55/16''
Weight  3.0 lbs