Toshiba Flanged-LF430 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-17
Toshiba Flanged-LF430 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

LF434/LF424, LF434/LF404

The LF434 is a flange type detector that comes with a variety of connections built-in various flange connections such as ANSI150, AWWA (24 inch or more), BS 16(or 10), DIN PN 16(or 10), KS flange, JIS10k, JWWA and others on request.

The LF430 can select the combined converter (LF400) and the separate converter (LF420).

The lineup of LF430 are 15mm(1/2 inch), 25mm(1inch), 40mm(1-1/2 inch), 50mm(2 inch), 80mm(3 inch), 100mm(4 inch), 150mm(6 inch), 200mm(8 inch), 250mm(10 inch), 300mm(12 inch), 50mm(14 inch), and 400mm(16 inch).