Sanyo HER-FA500W Zero Gravity Foot Massager

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Sanyo HER-FA500W Zero Gravity Foot Massager

Free Swinging Versatility.
Enjoy smooth and automatic rotation as the massager adapts to your body position. Whether you are seated in a chair, on a stool, or lying down, the massager adjusts to fit your legs perfectly throughout the motion. By maintaining the optimum 110° angle between your feet and legs, muscles remain relaxed and in the proper position for an effective lower leg massage. This position also adds to the effectiveness of the sole shiatsu as it ensures steady contact between the massager and your feet.

Undulating 3-D Sole Shiatsu.
Shiatsu nodes raise and lower to vertically penetrate the bottoms of your feet while floating front to rear in a rolling motion. Airbags firmly maneuver left and right to continually reposition the feet, ensuring greater sole coverage.

Airbag Compression Massage.
Each leg is comfortably surrounded by 11 individual airbags. A combination of large and small airbags inflate independently and rhythmically to mimic the alternating compression technique of a live massage. Compression and kneading actions provide effective and rejuvenating relief to feet, calves, and ankles, while promoting blood circulation.

Sole Warmer.
A built-in heater keeps feet warm and encourages circulation.

Easy Operation.
Whether using the built-in control panel or convenient wireless remote, massage function, intensity, foot size, and heater controls are always within reach.

Compact Size.
Measures roughly 22"x18"x17" and weighs under 30 lbs.

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