HoMedics SBM-300H Massaging Cushion

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HoMedics SBM-300H Massaging Cushion

Our Therapist Select Shiastu + Massaging Cushion is the best way to get the true Shiatsu massage experience for your entire back without the spa price! Turn any chair into a luxurious massage chair.

State-of-the-art massage
Moving dual massage mechanisms act like two hands providing an amazing massage experience.

PLUS spot Shiatsu
When you find that ideal spot, you can hold the massage right where you want it.

PLUS adjustable width control
With the touch of a button, adjust the width of the massage rollers to custom fit your body.

Six massage programs
Full, Lower, or Upper Back in Shiatsu or Rolling massage styles

Fits most chairs
The integrated strapping system attaches easily to most home and office chairs.