Hitachi U-3900/3900H Spectrophotometer

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Hitachi U-3900/3900H Spectrophotometer

Hitachi'sU-3900 double-beam single-monochromator systemand the U-3900H double-beam double-monochromator system are high-performance, comprehensive, research-grade solutions for a variety of applications.

* Extraordinary Performance afforded by low stray light, narrow bandpass, and high energy, with linearity to greater than 5.5 absorbance.
* Double-Beam Stability provides improved accuracy and repeatability over extended periods of time, plus the ability to reference-beam attenuate highly absorbing species for improved signal-to-noise.
* Standard Sample Compartment accommodates a wide range of accessories to address automated analysis, specular and diffuse reflectance, turbid samples, thin films, long path cells, and continuous flow-through monitoring.
* UV-Solutions® Software offers the flexibility that customers demand in any lab environment. It runs on both Microsoft® Windows 2000 and XP for powerful 32-bit processing and true multi-tasking capabilities. Quantitative analysis, data export to Microsoft® Word and Excel, print preview and other highly flexible software functions are available.
* Micro-Focusing Optics and Automatic Cell-Length Conversion capabilities for measuring micro-quantities of samples.
* Highly Reliable Quantitative Determination achievable up to a high concentration range with minimized stray light (U-3900: 0.015% or less, U-3900H: 0.00025% or less).
* Automatic Calibration and Self-Diagnosis Functions implemented to ensure a high degree of reliability in analysis.
* High Absorbance Measurements and Low Transmittance also available (U-3900H only).

U-3900/3900H Double-Beam Single/Double-Monochromator Research-Grade Spectrophotometers Specifications

Wavelength range: 190 to 900 nm
Band pass: Variable 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, and 5 nm
Scan speed: 1.5, 3, 15, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400 nm/min
Detector: Single Photomultiplier
Dimensions: 680 (W) x 692 (D) x 257 (H) mm
27 in (W) x 27 in (D) x 10 in (H)
Weight: Approx. 45 Kg (100 lbs)
Power requirements: 100, 120, 220, 230 or 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA