Sennheiser PXC 350 Headphones

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Sennheiser PXC 350 Headphones

The PXC 350 is a circumaural high-end travel headphone set with NoiseGard™ Advance technology for active attenuation of ambient noise.

The PXC 350 enables an unprecedented sound experience for people on the move, thanks to its adaptive baffle damping in combination with the patented Duofol diaphragms, which prevent unwanted partial oscillation and thus guarantee a highly natural, lifelike sound quality.

NoiseGard™ is an active noise compensation system which Sennheiser originally developed for use by pilots, who have to rely on good sound quality and efficient protection against ambient noise even in high-noise environments. NoiseGard™ actively compensates the noise, based on the physics principle of sound and counter-sound.

The PXC 350 features the NoiseGard™ Advance technology. This technology is a further development of the filter functions used in the original NoiseGard™ system, and enables even better active attenuation of ambient noise of up to 85%. It is of course also possible to use these headphones passively, i.e. without NoiseGard™ and without batteries.

The PXC 350 is foldable and is supplied complete with a practical transport case, 2 AAA batteries and audio adaptors (double mono and 6.3mm). Volume control integrated in the single-sided cable, which is detachable and replaceable, ensure maximum convenience for the user.


* Audiophile sound experience on the move: outstanding sound quality thanks to adaptive baffle damping and patented Duofol diaphragm technology
* NoiseGard™ Advance active noise compensation provides optimum protection against ambient noise (up to 85.0%)
* Comfortable fit and high level of passive ambient noise attenuation thanks to circumaural ear pads and padded headband made of top quality materials
* Practical volume control integrated in the cable
* Ideal for people on the move: comfortable, sturdy and foldable headphone design
* Audio transmission always works – even in passive mode and without the batteries
* Ideal for use with in-flight entertainment systems, MP3 players and all other portable and stationary audio equipment
* Top quality materials and replaceable ear pads and cable for long service life
* Comes with full accessories: transport case, 2 audio adaptors (in-flight entertainment and 6.3 mm), batteries
* 2-year warranty

Delivery Includes

* PXC 350 high-end travel headphone
* Transport Case
* 2 Audio Adapter (In-flight-Entertainment and 6,3 mm)
* 2 AAA batterys

Technical Data

Headphone design: Headband set
Ear coupling: Circumaural
Transducer principle: Dynamic
Weight w/o cable: 230g
Frequency response (headphones): 8 - 28.000 Hz
Attenuation (passive): up to 32 dB
NoiseGard™ noise compensation: up to 18dB (NG Advance)
Impedance: 150/750 ohms
THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0,1%
Sound pressure level (SPL): 108 dB SPL
Battery Specification: two AAA batteries
Operating time: >50h
Cable length: 1,4 m single-sided, with integrated volume control, replaceable
Connector: 3,5mm right-angled