Sapphire Radeon 9250 Graphics Card

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Sapphire Radeon 9250 Graphics Card

Empowering your creative element is what Sapphire does best and the SAPPHIRE RADEON 9250 continues this commitment with an advanced relationship between hardware and software! Fueled by the industry's leading technology in the ATI RADEON™ 9250 core, the SAPPHIRE RADEON 9250 comes fully loaded with its four pixel shader pipeline, SMARTSHADER™ technology, full hardware support for Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 and DX9 compliance. The latest addition t- the Sapphire family offers a full compliment of support for the hottest gaming titles available and still remains flexible enough t- meet all of your multimedia needs with features such as VIDE- IMMERSION™ and FULLSTREAM™ technologies which provide for amazing vide- playback quality.

ATI RADEON™ 9250 VPU operating at 240 MHz
Full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 and DX9 compliance and the latest OpenGL® functionality
SMARTSHADER™ technology
128MB or 256MB of 333MHz DDR memory accelerates the latest cutting edge 3D applications
VIDE- IMMERSION™ and FULLSTREAM™ technologies which provide for amazing vide- playback quality.
Powered by CATALYST™ - The industry's most stable unified graphics software


Charisma Engine™ II
- Four parallel rendering pipelines process up t- 1.1 billion pixels per second
- High performance 2nd generation hardware transform & lighting engine
- Advanced vertex shader support for the latest programmable effects

SmartShader™ technology
- Full support for DirectX ® 8.1 programmable pixel and vertex shaders in hardware
- 1.4 pixel shaders support up t- 22 instructions and up t- 6 textures per rendering pass
- 1.1 vertex shaders support vertex programs up t- 128 instructions
- Complete feature set als- supported in OpenGL ® via extensions
- Programmable shaders provide enhanced 3D effects in over 100 existing and upcoming game titles

- Image quality enhancement features for Direct3D™ and OpenGL ® applications
- Programmable full-scene anti-aliasing supports 2 t- 6 samples with user selectable performance and quality modes
- Advanced anisotropic filtering supports 2 t- 16 samples for high quality texture rendering with minimal performance impact

- Lossless Z-Buffer Compression and Fast Z-Buffer Clear reduce memory bandwidth by up t- 25%

- FullStream™ Hardware accelerated de-blocking of Internet vide- streams
- Vide- Immersion™ II delivers industry-leading DVD playback
- Integrated MPEG-2 decode including iDCT and motion compensation for top quality DVD with lowest CPU usage
- Unique Adaptive per-pixel de-interlacing feature combines the best elements of the "bob" and "add-field" (weave) techniques
- YUV t- RGB color space conversion
- Back-end scaler delivers top quality playback
- 4-tap horizontal and vertical filtering
- Upscaling and downscaling
- Filtered display of images up t- 1920 pixels wide
- Hardware mirroring for flipping vide- images in vide- conferencing systems
- Supports 8-bit alpha blending and vide- keying for effective overlay of vide- and graphics

- Dual integrated display controllers t- drive tw- displays simultaneously with independent resolutions and refresh rates
- Hydravision™ software provides complete control over multi-display configurations with a user-friendly interface
- 400MHz Dual integrated DACs with 10-bit per channel palette
- Integrated DVI-compliant 165MHz TMDS transmitter
- Integrated TV-Out support up t- 1024x768 resolution

- Comprehensive 4X and 8X AGP support
- Windows® Log- Program compliant
- Optimized for Pentium ® 4 SSE2 and AMD Athlon™ 3Dnow! processor instructions
- Highly optimized 128-bit 2D engine with support for new Windows® XP GDI extensions