Lenovo 43R1985 ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter

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Lenovo 43R1985 ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter

The Lenovo ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection adapter with HDCP is an Advanced Digital Display 2 (ADD2) adapter that offers a simple, low-cost method for connecting a second monitor to the graphics controller of select Intel-based systems (1) . This allows users to have two monitors attached to their system. One monitor is connected to the integrated system monitor VGA port and the second monitor is connected to the ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter. Multiple monitors can help increase productivity by allowing users to view more data.

Features and Benefits:

* Low-profile PCI Express x16 lane support attached full-height bracket
* Digital (DVI-D) monitor connection
* High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant
* Separate low-profile bracket

(1) This adapter is supported on select Intel-based systems. The Intel graphics controller determines if ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter operates in clone mode or dual independent display mode. Clone mode displays the same image on the desktop monitor and the monitor attached to the DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter. Dual independent display mode allows the users to "stretch" or "extend"the desktop workspace across the two monitors.

Description: PCI-E DVI-D Connection Adapter
Form Factor: Low Profile
Graphics type: Entry 3D