Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit

Microsoft Updated: 2008-12-31 RSS
Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit

Recharge in a flash and kiss disposable batteries goodbye with the Xbox 360™ Quick Charge Kit. Quickly recharge up to two battery packs at the same time. Your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller needs a new battery? Swap in a fresh pack from the Quick Charge Kit. Multiple wireless controllers? Pick up a couple of extras, so you'll always be ready with a fully charged battery that's ready to go.

(One rechargeable battery pack is included in the Quick Charge Kit. Additional packs sold separately.)


* The fastest way to recharge one or more rechargable battery packs.
* A cleaner charging solution—no wires to plug into your console.
* Always ready and easily accessible—no need to stow it after each use.
* Charge one battery pack in less than two hours, or two packs in less than four hours.
* Battery offers up to 25 hours of play per charge.
* Includes charging stand for two batteries, one Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack, and a power cord.