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Chat with up to six of your friends, share photos and play games made exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®Eye.

Witness incredible interactive gameplay with the PLAYSTATION®Eye. Not only can you chat with up to six people at once and share photos instantly, you can also play exclusive games that use speech recognition and movement tracking for a unique experience. The PLAYSTATION®Eye features fast frame rate for pristine video quality and is engineered to perform even in low-light conditions. A dual-action lens is included for close-up and full body options.

Chat with up to 6 people at one time
Share photos while you chat
Sound quality is crystal clear with the built-in 4 microphone array
Fast frame rate of 120 frames/second provides pristine video quality
Engineered to perform well in low light conditions
Zoom lens for close-up or full body options

Product Specifications

Audio Features:
* Omni-directional four microphone linear array
* 4 channel ADC IC chip
* 16 bit at SNR 90db, up to 48kHz audio sampling rate

Video Features:
* 6 or 75 degrees field of view zoom lens
* Fixed-focus, 1ft to infinity (manual adjustment not required)
* 640 x 480 at 60 frames/second
* 320 x 240 at 120 frames/second
* 8 bit or 10 bit dynamic range
* USB 2.0 high-speed transfer
* Uncompressed video or optional JPEG compression

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