Brother IntelliFax-1270e Ribbon Transfer Fax

Brother Updated: 2008-01-08
Brother IntelliFax-1270e Ribbon Transfer Fax

The IntelliFax-1270e is a full featured fax machine that addresses the basic fax applications of small offices. Incorporating a good mix of time saving features, it delivers reliable fax performance at an affordable price.

Main Features

* Generous paper handling capacities. A 200-sheet paper capacity and up to 20-page auto document feed are well mated to small office needs, reducing the time spent reloading paper and able to handle lengthier fax or copy originals.

* 14.4K bps fax modem. Fax throughput is enhanced with a modem that can transmit as fast as 9 seconds per page and a QuickScan feature that lets you retrieve your original and get back to work while the document is transmitted.

* Fully assembled print cartridges. No assembly is required to replace our easy-to-change print cartridges.

* Fax and voice calls on a single line. This efficient design saves the expense of separate phone lines for fax and voice calls. A built-in interface even lets you connect an external answering machine.

* Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detection ready. Customers subscribing to these services through local phone companies can utilize them on this versatile fax machine as well.

* Convenience copying. Beyond basic fax applications, this model can even be used to make copies – an added convenience at no additional cost.

* Timesaving features. A number of features combine to save you time, including the ability to automatically dial stored numbers, or to simply scan a fax once and then automatically broadcast it to multiple recipients.