Olympus WM-N60/-D60 Workstations

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus WM-N60/-D60 Workstations

One of the most difficult obstacles for doctors and nurses to overcome has been the limited versatility of the equipment they use. Helping to beat these obstacles are the WM-N60 and WM-D60 Workstations, designed specifically for Olympus EVIS EXERA™ video endoscopy system. Providing efficient workspace to house your equipment as well as much-needed mobility, the compact and narrow WM-N60 can accommodate a 20” or 14” monitor while the wider WM-D60 can hold both at the same time. Each includes a double scope hanger to support any two Olympus GI or BF flexible endoscopes, and both workstations provide a convenient pull-out keyboard for easy data entry. A host of other features, along with the ability to easily transport the carts from room to room, give you everything you need for a complete video endoscopy system.

* Narrow WM-N60 can support a 20” or 14” monitor
* Wider WM-D60 can hold both a 20” and 14” monitor at the same time
* Each includes dedicated cable restraints to securely hold cables under the monitor platform and out of the way
* Each can hold two Olympus GI or BF flexible endoscopes on its double scope hanger. The height of the hanger can be adjusted as well
* Both workstations include a pull-out keyboard tray to make entering patient information easy and convenient
* Both include a cable winder to neatly store the power cords when they are not being utilized