Olympus GIF-2T160 Gastroenterology Gastroscopes

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus GIF-2T160 Gastroenterology Gastroscopes

You never want to be limited by your means when it comes to examining or treating a patient, and the GIF-2T160 gastrointestinal videoscope helps make sure that's not the case.

The EVIS EXERA GIF-2T160 gives you the versatility you need to perform examinations in the upper digestive tract thanks to its dual channel design, consisting of 3.7mm and 2.8mm diameter channels. The utilization of these two channels, in combination with other features of the scope, can provide a clearer view of the area in question and help you perform such procedures as removing polyps or performing EMR more efficiently.

* When used in combination with Olympus's dedicated flushing pump and CV-160 video system center, an auxiliary water function is available to provide a clear view at the touch of a switch on the scope.  Dual channels provide greater flexibility for the GIF-2T160.
* Dual channel design offers powerful suction capability and allows both channels to be used for Endo-Therapy accessories.
* 3mm minimum depth of field for close-up observation.
* 120° field of view and 4-way angulation (210° up, 90° down and 100° right/left) facilitate comprehensive examination of the upper digestive tract.
* 12.6mm outer diameter insertion tube.
* Compatible with laser probes for expanded treatment versatility.
* Fully compatible with the CV-160, CV-140 and CV-100.
* Scope ID function stores individual scope information and displays it on the monitor to facilitate endoscopy suite management.