Olympus BF-UC160F-OL8 Pulmonology Ultrasonic Bronchofibervideoscope

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus BF-UC160F-OL8 Pulmonology Ultrasonic Bronchofibervideoscope

Unlike conventional transbronchial needle aspiration biopsies or mediastinoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound-guided TBNA is expected to be the biopsy method of choice for more accurate diagnosis and staging in the lung. Featuring an innovative ultrasonic “hybrid scope” design with linear scanning ultrasound imaging and a dedicated aspiration needle, the BF-UC160F-OL8 is paving the way for improved diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.

BF-UC160F-OL8 Ultrasonic Bronchofibervideoscope

* The “hybrid scope” design allows for a slimmer insertion tube with a diameter of only 6.2 mm, even with the incorporated ultrasound transducer.
* The BF-UC160F-OL8 is used in combination with the compact, easy-to-use EU-C60 ultrasound processor.
* When the dedicated aspiration needle is passed through the scope’s biopsy channel, the position of the needle tip can be confirmed in real-time during the puncturing procedure.
* Power Doppler mode, made possible by electronic linear scanning, enables the user to check blood flow conditions before puncturing.
* Both the direct contact method and the balloon method are available for ultrasound scanning. A balloon irrigation port is provided.

NA-201SX-4022 Single Use Aspiration Needle

* Specifically designed for use with the BF-UC160F-OL8 scope.
* Needle measures 22G in outer diameter.
* Surface of the needle tip has a dimpled echogenic design to improve visibility on ultrasound images.
* Presterilized and single use.