Sony XCDV50 IEEE 1394.b Monochrome Camera

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Sony XCDV50 IEEE 1394.b Monochrome Camera

Get more fire out of your firewire™ with Sony's first IEEE 1394.b digital camera with fast frame rates and 14-bit output. Sony's new XCD-V50 monochrome digital camera incorporates a 1/3 type progressive scan CCD with square pixels that produces high-quality VGA (640 x 480) images transferred via a high-performance IEEE 1394.b interface. This ultra-compact camera supports cable lengths up to 100 meters and has the ability to daisy-chain multiple cameras on a single run. Plus the XCD-V50 features two screw cable connectors for a more robust performance compared to standard cables. And best of all, the XCD-V50 is backward compatible with conventional 1394 via IIDC 1.31 support. With a variety of convenient features such as an external trigger input for the capture of fast moving objects or still images in low-light environments, and selectable video modes, the XCD-V50 is ideal for image processing and analysis as well as printed circuit board, bar code and bottle inspection applications.


* 1/3 type progressive scan CCD with square pixels
* VGA resolution (640 x 480)
* IEEE 1394.b digital interface compliant
* 8-bit (Mono8) or 14-bit (Mono16) output
* High frame rate of up to 60 fps
* IIDC Ver. 1.31 compliant
* External trigger input
* Fast hardware or software asynchronous trigger
* Selectable gain control: Auto/Manual gain (+0 to +18 dB, 0.035 dB steps)
* C Mount
* Ultra-compact and lightweight design equal to the Sony XC-ST series
* High shock and vibration tolerance
* Lead free solder printed wiring board (PWB)