Toshiba SD7200 DVD Player

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Toshiba SD7200 DVD Player

1080p upconversion to near HD quality, multi-format capability, and the convenience of HDMITM with REGZA-LINK®, make the SD7200 a great movie night solution.

Video upconversion up to 1080p resolution via HDMI
Video upconversion up to 1080p takes your current DVDs to a new level, for an amazing viewing experience on today's HDTVs.

Multi-Format playback capability supports DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW, VCD, SVCD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 playback for true viewing flexibility.

ColorStream Pro® Progressive Scan Component Video Outputs enhance color purity and image detail.

REGZA-LINK® makes controlling multiple components easy. Just connect your player to other compatible devices using an HDMI cable, and then control them using one remote, no additional programming or setup required!

Video upconversion up to 1080p resolution via HDMI
Video Upconversion 720p/1080i/1080p
Multi-Format Playback
ColorStream Pro® Progressive Scan Component Video Output
14-Bit/108MHz Video D/A
Digital Cinema Progressive (3:2 Pulldown)
Digital Picture Zoom
Fast Scan
Slow Motion
Multi-Camera Angle Select
Multi-Language Select
Multi-Subtitle Select
JPEG Photo Viewer

Audio D/A 192 kHz/24 bit
Dolby® Digital and DTS® Compatible Output
WMA & MP3 Playback
3D Surround Sound

Remote Control
Front LED Display
Screen Saver
Tray Lock

ColorStream Pro® Component Video Output
RCA Video Outputs (1)
L-R Audio (1)
Coaxial Outputs (1)

Weights and Dimensions
Weight: 2.77 lbs.
Dimensions: 16.93 x 1.61 x 7.76 (WxHxD)
Weight With Packaging: 4.03 lbs.
Dimensions With Packaging: 18.70 x 3.35 x 10.24 (WxHxD)

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