Sony DVP-NS710H/B 1080p Upscaling DVD Player

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Sony DVP-NS710H/B 1080p Upscaling DVD Player

Breathe new life into your DVD collection. The DVP-NS710H/B DVD player upscales your existing DVD collection to gorgeous 1080p HD resolution via an HDMI™ connection. This DVD player is also equipped with BRAVIA® Sync™ which gives you one-remote access and control of your DVD player and other BRAVIA Sync-compatible devices. In addition to exceeding ENERGY STAR® compliance levels, you'll also enjoy uncompromised audio quality with Dolby® and dts® digital outputs, as well as an analog audio two-channel output. You can even view photos and listen to music in a wide variety of formats. Includes A/V cable and remote control with batteries.

DVD upscale to 1080p near HD resolution via HDMI™
1080p upscaling DVD player via HDMI™ connection: DVD upscaling via HDMI™ makes your existing standard DVDs look better on your HDTV by upscaling them to 1080p near HD Resolution.

BRAVIA Sync capability combines the one-touch access and control functionality of BRAVIA Sync™ with the ability to control BRAVIA Sync-compatible devices, such as Sony HDTVs and receivers.

Exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards
Many home audio and video devices can use significant power, even when turned off and in standby mode. The DVP-NS710H, however, was built for energy efficiency. It uses under 0.1W of power in standby mode, far exceeding ENERGY STAR® compliance levels and using less power than most other DVD players.

Multi-brand TV remote control
Switching back and forth between remote controls while watching television or a movie is a hassle. The DVP-NS710H comes with a compact remote control that allows you to operate most major brands of television and your DVD player.

Multiple format disc playback
The DVP-NS710H isn't just for movies. You can enjoy movies, as well as photos and music, in a wide variety of formats. The player supports DVD/DVD-RW/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL and CD-R/CD-RW discs runs WMA, AAC, LPCM, MPEG1 (Cyber-shot® movie), and JPEG files.

Precision Cinema Progressive™ technology
Many other DVD players detect image changes at the scan line level; the Sony® Precision Cinema Progressive system, however, detects image changes at the pixel level. The picture is more faithful to the source -- whether film or video -- because special algorithms handle the different pixel behavior. The technology also employs separate algorithms to process the moving and still parts of an image, resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are virtually free from artifacts.

Precision Drive™ 3 system
Past generations of Precision Drive were only able to compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited the amount of correction possible. Sony® Precision Drive 3 simplifies the process by moving the lens -- instead of the entire optical block -- for faster and more accurate error correction.

Photo TV HD
Bring your photos to life and enjoy highly detailed, Full HD 1920 x 1080p images with the PhotoTV HD mode. PhotoTV HD works with your DVD player and HDMI™ output to fine tune sharpness, gradation, and color, displaying images that more closely match the look of printed photos.

Fast/slow playback with sound
Fast and slow playback with sound lets you advance through scenes quickly and ensures you never miss a word.

Multiple-disc resume
With multiple-disc resume, you can power up and return to the last scene you were watching on up to six discs without having to search. Start and stop a movie or switch DVDs -- the player will know exactly where you last left off.

Dolby® digital output; dts® coaxial digital output
The DVP-NS710H includes support for enhanced audio formats from Dolby and dts and provides connectivity to older receivers and televisions, making the player compatible with many existing audio systems. Also included is an analog audio two-channel output.

Child lock (tray lock):
A child lock feature prevents children from opening the DVD player's tray and either removing a DVD or playing a different DVD while the parent is away.

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