Panasonic EY7460LN2S Drill Driver Kit

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Panasonic EY7460LN2S Drill Driver Kit

Panasonic's EY7460LN2S 21.6V Drill & Drill Driver Kit delivers high power in a compact, lightweight body. The drill driver delivers a maximum of 575in.lbs of full time torque in low speed. Low speed of 100-400 rpm is ideal for tough jobs requiring high torque like drilling holes and driving large diameter screws. A high speed of 350-1500 rpm is great for drilling and fastening in metal. The EY7460LN2S features a new all metal gear system. The use of metal gears for switching between high and low speed operation reduces part wear and offers superior durability compared to plastic gears, decreasing the frequency of tool repair. The fan cooled ventilated motor is design to keep the motor temperature low which makes the tool well suited for heavy duty use and repetitive tasks. The EY7460LN2S is equipped with an 18-stage clutch plus drill position. The clutch torque starts at 8.8 in. lbs. and goes to 61.0 in. lbs. in 3.0 in. lbs. increments over the 18 stages. The tool has a -inch, heavy-duty keyless chuck, variable speed control, 2-speed gear box, electric brake and quick-charging system. This high-quality tool is ideal for general construction, plumbing, electric installation work, deck building and finish carpentry. The EY7460LN2S offers a full complement of convenience features including an LED Work Light that illuminates the work area when in use. The EY7460LN2S is compact in size (9" long) and weighs only 5.3 lbs. The ergonomic design delivers a comfortable contoured rubber grip which allows for less fatigue over extended use. Convenient location of the variable speed control trigger and forward/reverse switch permits one hand operation. The EY7460LN2S is powered by a 3.0ah Cobalt Li-ion battery pack. This battery pack delivers high output with low heat generation resulting in twice the lifetime total performance versus current Ni-Cd battery packs. In addition the EY7460LN2S utilizes Panasonic's unique GuardION system. The GuardION system monitors each battery cell during battery charging and during tool use to prevent over discharging and overheating of the battery pack thus insuring long life. The EY7460LN2S uses a self diagnostic universal battery charger which electronically monitors the condition of each battery cell in the battery pack during the charging process to deliver full charging with minimal heat generation. The charger will charge all Panasonic battery chemistries - Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and all voltages from 7.2-28.8v. The 3.0ah Li-ion battery pack included in the kit fully charges in 60 minutes. The kit comes with a tool, 2-3.0ah Li-ion battery packs, a universal charger, and a molded case.


Compact Size: Length 9-1/8"
Lightweight: 5.39lbs.
High Power: Up to 575 in.lbs of full time torque
Battery: High Capacity 3.0Ah Li-ion Cobalt battery pack
Extra battery: Included
Charging System: 60 minute (using EY0L80B charger)
Speeds: 2 speed gearbox: Low 100-400 rpm, High 350-1,500 rpm
Motor: New all metal gear system
Clutch: 18 stage plus drill mode
Chuck: 1/2" heavy-duty keyless
Reversible: Yes
Electric Brake: Yes
Ergonomics: Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue
Acceptable Battery Packs: Panasonic 21.6V Li-ion Battery Pack (EY9L60B)
Typical Applications: General Construction, Plumbing, Electrical Instillation, Deck Building, Finish Carpentry
Carrying Case: Yes
LED Work Light: Yes
Guardion Battery Protection System: Yes
Belt Hook: No
Dimensions (H x W x D): 9.84'' x 9.13'' x 2.33''
Weight: 5.39 lbs

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