Hitachi DH30PC2 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

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Hitachi DH30PC2 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

* Best in class impact energy of 4-ft/lbs, delivers the fastest drilling and chiseling speeds on the market
* Powerful 7.4 Amp motor delivers 850 Watts of input power to outspec the competition in drilling, chiseling, size and weight
* Newly designed mechanism integrates the mode selector with the idle strike restrictor resulting in a compact design while improving reliability and extending the life of the tool
* Electronic variable speed control provides a no-load RPM between 0-850 and an impact rate of 0-3,700 BPM
* Solid and dependable chuck accepts SDS Plus bits by simply sliding the bit into the retainer- to remove the retainer slides forward and the bit is released making replacements a breeze
* 3 modes of operation: drilling only, hammer only and hammer drilling that is controlled by an easy to use mode selector dial
* Adjustable 360 degree side handle provides better control and can be removed when working in tight spaces for better maneuverability
* Side handle includes a depth gauge for consistent drilling depths
* Auto stop carbon brushes prevent motor damage and add to overall durability
* 9.5 lbs and 14" in length, it is the lightest and most compact rotary hammer in its class
* Soft elastomer pistol grip provides a solid and comfortable grip
* 36-position variable lock mechanism allows for simple adjustment of chisels to the most comfortable working angle


* Depth Gauge
* Side Handle
* Blow Bulb Syringe
* Injection Molded Carrying Case