Hitachi DH22PG SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

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Hitachi DH22PG SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

* 5.4 amp, 620 watt motor for rapid resultes n common 5/32" and 3/16" diameter holes
* Mode selector dial (drill-only and hammer-drilling) for flexibility within a range of applications
* 4.2 lbs and 11.4" in length, Hitachi's lightest and most compact SDS hammer for greater ease of use and maneuverability
* Quick bit insert for easy accessory changes
* Slip clutch prevents damage to gears caused by excessive torque
* Idle strike restrictor prevents hammering while tool is in no-load operation, prolonging tool life and reducing no-load vibration
* Internal pressure adjustment minimizes variations in internal pressure for stable hammering operation and efficient drilling
* Push button reverse switch to back out bits with ease
* Lock-on speed button to reduce user fatigue during continuous operation
* Removable side handle with ruled depth gauge improves control and ensures accurate drilling depth


Depth Gauge
Side Handle