Toshiba FS-3600 Touchscreen Terminal Electronic Cash Register

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Toshiba FS-3600 Touchscreen Terminal Electronic Cash Register

The Features and Functions of a POS Terminal, with the Reliability, Speed, and Ease of use that can only come from an ECR. The Perfect Fit in today's highly competitive hospitality environments.

* Full terminal redundant architecture
* Self-configuring/self-healing network
* Solid-state technology

When choosing a POS System for Food Service in the past, the retailer was always faced with the challenge of wanting the functionality offered by Open Architecture PC Based Systems, but to get that, you had to accept the cumbersome Operating Systems and Networking. Enter the FS-3600!

* Fully Redundant Architecture
* Self Configuring/Self Healing Network
* Solid State Technology PC Workstation Software for the FS-3600 and FS-2700
* Pre-loaded Food Service Software Applications for Quick Service or Table Service
* Low Profile Cabinet Design
* Fully Integrated - Self Contained
* Priced Right
* Compatible with the FS-2700 Keyboard Terminal.

The stylish exterior of the FS-3600 embodies technology of the highest level. With a single touch you can access touch screen technology with the functionality and flexibility of the most advanced systems, but at an affordable price.

POS Hospitality - FS-3600 Cash Register

The easy-to-use color screen guides users through the application. Each key on the screen can be customized allowing you to tailor the user interface to your needs.
You can also easily display the table layout of your hospitality business. Every chair or barstool can be shown individually on screen. Changing tables or splitting checks between people at the same table has never been easier than with the TEC FS-3600.

An incorrect input or oversight of the user is immediately signalled and the application will automatically propose the next logical step, allowing even a novice user to quickly become accustomed to the unit. The speed with which the touch screen reacts to the user's touch is unique.

No other cash register, not even those in a higher price range, can compare to the performance of the FS-3600. And speed is what it is all about in the hospitality market where staff is often under pressure to meet the guests' needs.

Different cash registers can be linked to each other via one (Ethernet) network. Receipts and kitchen printers can also be easily included in the system.

The FS-3600 can be scaled for the needs of any restaurant with an array of fully compatible peripherals.

* Back Room PC
* Kitchen Video System
* Order Confirmation Board
* Fully integrated Credit Authorization
* Liquor Dispenser
* Coin Dispenser
* UPC Scanner
* Scale


* 10.4 inch color TFT LCD touch panel
* Ethernet network
* 3 x serial port
* 1 x parallel port
* 2 x cash drawer port
* External VGA monitor port
* External PC keyboard port
* Digital Dallas key
* Dimensions: 300 (W) x 282 (D) x 130-210 (H) mm.

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