Casio TE-3000 Mid-line Cash Register

Casio Updated: 2007-09-02
Casio TE-3000 Mid-line Cash Register

Color LCD Electronic Cash Register with a New Multi-Line Color LCD Display. Powerful and flexible solutions from CASIO for today’s demanding business.

LCD display can be tilted to the optimal reading angle.
Drop-in paper-loading for quick, easy paper roll changes
CF card interface for fast, simple data transfer

Shared Check and Shared KP System with 5 Backlight Colors
Stroke Keyboard
Display Operator display
5.2 inch wide LCD screen with 2 x 16 characters offer clear view of the transaction information to the operator.
5 Colors backlight are available to illuminate operator display to fit atmosphere of the store image. Scheduler function makes it possible to switch over backlight color as well as menu level for different items or prices such as Lunch and Dinner time for example.
Remark : Please note that the real backlight color is a slightly different from the ones of above pictures
Operator display with tilt mechanism
Operator display unit can be tilted to the optimum reading angle.
Customer display
Pop up customer display with 10 digits numeric LED
* Fast Silent Printer
* 58mm thermal receipt and journal printer with fast printing lines
* Auto cutter for receipt printer
* Drop-in paper loading mechanism for easy handling of paper roll
* Graphic logo and Watermark logo offer rich image to your customer
Storage device
CF(Compact Flash card) interface is equipped as standard for data back up and restore.
* 3 x RS232c ports for the PC direct communication, modem, bar code scanner, external printers and slip printer.
* Com2 with +5v power supplied for the optional bar code scanner.
* Optional Arcnet board "IO-PB-17" provide register-to-register communication with up to 32 terminals maximum via CAT5 or CASIO inline cable.
Bar code scanning function for small/medium sized stores for quick registration, table control function with external printers and more.
Option List
Model Name
I/O-PB-17 In-line arcnet board
RK-3 1 M bytes memory module
CLK-K22 Dallas Clerk key set ( 6 clerk key )
UP-360 External thermal printer
SP-1300 Slip printer