Casio PCR-T275 Entry Level Personal Cash Register

Casio Updated: 2007-09-02
Casio PCR-T275 Entry Level Personal Cash Register

The PCR-T275 Entry Level Cash Register that includes 15 Departments, 100 Price Look Ups and allows tracking sales of up to 8 Clerks. Includes a Thermal Alphanumeric Printer.

Technical Specs

* 15 Departments - Register will record transactions in 15 categories and total by category on department report (5 Department keys with 3 shift levels)
* 100 Price Look Ups - PLU function memorizes price for 100 items allowing for quicker item entry
* 8 Clerk totals - Allows tracking sales of 8 clerks using clerk number system
* Thermal Alphanumeric Printer
Customize your receipt logo
Receipts and reports are easy to read
Prints 7 lines per second on standard 58mm thermal roll
* Receipt on/off key
* X/ For key
* 2 Tax tables
* Heavy-duty cash box with media slot
* Automatic time and date advance
* Calculator function
* Rear customer display
* 3 payment media - Cash, Check, & Charge
* Complete security - Mode key switch, drawer lock, error and look-up alarm
* Merchandise Subtotal function
* On-demand program help - prints on receipt tape
* No ribbons to replace
* Dimensions: 17.75"(L) x 13" (W) x 10" (H)
* Weight: 11 lbs