Texas Instruments TI Keyboard

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Texas Instruments TI Keyboard

Use your TI Keyboard with TI calculators in virtually every class!
Portability takes on a whole new meaning with the TI Keyboard. This durable unit brings basic word processing capabilities to many of TI's educational handhelds.

* TI-84 Plus
* TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
* TI-83 Plus
* TI-83 Plus Silver Edition
* TI-89
* TI-89 Titanium
* TI-92 Plus
* Voyage™ 200

Key Features

* Save, Open and Edit Files
* Edit features: copy, cut and paste)
* Full size keys for easy touch-typing
* Durable design and only two-thirds the size of a traditional computer keyboard
* Fits easily inside a backpack - take it to classes, home, or anywhere you need it!

TI Keyboard Includes:

* 3 AAA Batteries
* Non-skid feet
* **Cradle
* NoteFolio App
* NoteFolio Creator Software
* Guidebook

The NoteFolio Creator software, a TI-GRAPH LINK™ cable*, and TI Connect™ software on your computer allow you to convert files into Microsoft® Word.