SHARP CS-2635H Commercial Calculator

SHARP Updated: 2007-10-26
SHARP CS-2635H Commercial Calculator

This 12 digit, 2-color printing calculator with 2 independent 4-key memory banks has a large 17 mm easy-to-read display. Other features include comfortable cylindrical step-sculptured keys, user-friendly right side total key, markup function, and automatic tax calculations from stored tax rate memory.


User-friendly Right Side Total Key
is a new feature located on the right side of the keyboard that offers ease of use.

Comfortable Cylindrical Step-sculptured Keys
are keys shaped for fast and comfortable operation. Extra ease is provided by contoured Plus/Equal and Minus/Equal keys.

Quick and Crisp 2-Color Printing
enables you to print 12 numerals, 2 symbols, and 3-digit punctuation at a speedy, approximately 4.8 lines/sec. in two colors (positive numbers in black, negative numbers in red) on standard size paper rolls.

Grand Total
adds the grand total of several calculations such as the total prices times units on an invoice.

2 Independent 4-Key Memories
simplify many business calculations. Also included are memory clear, recall, plus, and minus entry keys.

Convenient MU Key
A MU (Multipe Use) key simplifies calculations, saving time and increasing efficiency by handling functions like margin, markup, selling prices, costs, percent changes, calculations, etc.

Item Count Mode
keeps track of the number of entries made, simplifying average-calculations.

Large Display
17.0 mm fluorescent blue display with automatic 3-digit punctuation

Additional Features
include automatic tax calculations, constant mode selector, add mode, round-off/up/down selector, paper-saving print/non-print selector, change sign key, and fold down paper holder.

Calculation Digits: 12 digit
Power Source: AC: 120V 60Hz
Display: Fluorescent blue display with automatic 3-digit punctuation
Decimal Point: Floating (F)/fixed (6-4-3-2-1-0)
Signs and Indicators: Minus sign, two independent memories, grand total memory and error indicators
Operating Temperature: 32 - 104 degrees F (0-40 Celcius)
Dimensions: 9 27/32"(W) x 13 19/32"(D) x 3 1/16"(H)
Weight: Approx. 4.41 lbs.