HP StreamSmart 400

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HP StreamSmart 400

The powerful, easy-to-use HP StreamSmart 400 lets students truly experiment and collect data with ease. Designed specifically for math and science classrooms, it helps students visualize experimental results immediately by streaming data in real time from real-world probes and sensors. Save time on experiment setup – just connect the HP 39gs or 40gs Graphing Calculator and a probe or sensor, and start streaming data.

Perform real-time data streaming
* Collect data from up to four probes simultaneously
* Easily collect data points at up to 5,700 samples/second
* Obtain the optimal view of the data stream in real time – speed up, slow down, zoom in or out

Set up quickly and easily
* Simply connect the HP StreamSmart 400 to the HP 39/40gs Graphing Calculator and one of many Fourier sensors (motion, sound, temperature and more) and you’ll instantly see an incoming stream of data
* Save class time with virtually no setup or experiment trial runs

Perform your experiments with ease and flexibility
* Lightweight and ultra-compact, it lets you take your experiments outside the classroom
* Easily choose among four different data capture modes
* Select just the data you want and export it to the HP 39/40gs graphing calculator for in-depth analysis

System features
Key top material: Top cabinet and base: ABS Plastic
What's in the box: HP StreamSmart 400, 9V battery, user manual, mini-serial cable (attached), CD-ROM with HP calculator software
Warranty Feature: 1 year (may vary by region)

Energy Efficiency
Battery: 1 x 9V DC battery

Subject suitability: Biology,Chemistry,Earth sciences,General Math,Medicine,Physics,Pre-Algebra/Algebra,Statistics,Trigonometry