HP OfficeCalc 200 Calculator

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HP OfficeCalc 200 Calculator

For office or retail, the HP OfficeCalc 200 has all the functions you need for quick and easy calculations at your desk or sales counter. The large 14-digit screen makes your work easy to view. You'll appreciate its stylish design and energy efficiency. And the HP name means it's dependable and accurate.


* Large, easy-to-view, angled 14-digit screen
* Solar with battery back-up
* Sales total and tax functions for retail calculations
* Business functions such as Mark-Up and %
* Check, Correct and Delete to review and edit your data (up to 120 steps)
* Memory storage functions
* From HP, a leader in financial calculators


Image quality
Display: 14-digit LCD: 1/5D 1/3B 130 × 35 × 1.1 AT
Display Area: 126 × 28.5 mm

Entry-system logic: Algebraic

System features
Key top material: Plastic
What's in the box: Calculator, battery, user guide
Warranty Feature: 1 year (may vary by region)

Financial functions: Mark-up, Tax calculations, Percentage, Grand total (GT)
Mathematical functions: +, -, X, ÷;Mark-up/Mark-down (MU);Square Root;+/- change;Percentage;Check and Correct (120 steps);Memory functions (MRC, M-, M+);Tax functions (RATE, +Tax, -Tax)

Energy Efficiency
Battery: Solar with Battery back-up
Battery life: 5.7 year (when used 1h/day)
Auto power off: Auto power-off (5 to 11 minutes)