Roland V-Bass System

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Roland V-Bass System

Imagine a bass guitar processing system which can accurately model the world's most popular basses—everything from classic electrics to upright acoustic bass, fretless bass and more—and combine them with the sounds of the world's greatest bass amplifiers and polyphonic effects. That's the power of the Roland V-Bass, a floor-based processor which pairs breakthrough COSM® Bass technology and a new GK-2B Divided Pickup for Bass, taking bass guitar into bold new sonic dimensions.

* Bass processing/modeling system which recreates a variety of bass, pickup, amp, speaker cabinet, mic and effects combinations
* COSM Bass technology models classic electric, acoustic, fretless and custom user-created basses using a standard bass guitar with GK-2B Divided Pickup for Bass*
* Instant access to popular solid state and tube amp models, speaker cabinets, plus original amp models
* Unsurpassed bass effects include modeled wah, modeled overdrive/distortion, compression, delay, chorus, reverb and more
* Incredible synth bass sounds, polyphonic effects, wild sound effects and more
* Extremely intuitive operation w/ helpful operational graphics and icons
* Onboard expression pedal for realtime parameter control
* 1/4" bass input jack for direct access to amp modeling and non-polyphonic effects
* 4-string, 5-string and 6-string Select function for optimal results; 100 Preset and 100 User patches

Introducing COSM Bass Technology
Building upon the knowledge and experience gained from V-Guitar technology, Roland developed all-new COSM Bass technology to power the new V-Bass. COSM Bass technology can process a standard bass guitar with a GK-2B Divided Pickup to sound like a variety of other basses—including acoustic upright bass, fretless bass, a variety of classic electric basses, synth bass and more—and you can even design custom basses by combining different body types and pickup configurations. Of special note is the polyphonic pitch shifting, which can re-pitch individual strings for instant alternate tunings and wild sound effects.

Unsurpassed Bass Amp Modeling and Bass Effects
As a recording and performance tool, the V-Bass stands alone. Thanks to COSM Bass Amp Modeling, the V-Bass can precisely model the sound of classic and modern bass amps, from "Concert" and "Session" models to "Trace", "Bass 360" and others. Dial in the tone of these models like the originals, then pair them with a variety of modeled speaker cabinets. The effects section features wah, modeled overdrive/ distortion, compressors, extensive EQ, delay, chorus and reverb.

Bass-Friendly Design
The V-Bass was designed by bassists, for bassists. So it features things like an XLR output for connection to PA or studio console, a 4-, 5- or 6-string Select function for accurate detection of string spacing, and a direct 1/4-inch input for access to the COSM Bass Amp Modeling and effects sections using a standard bass guitar output.

The GK-2B Divided Pickup for Bass
The new GK-2B Divided Pickup for Bass is the first bass pickup which sends an individual output for each string of a 4-, 5- or 6-string bass. This allows devices like the V-Bass to process each string individually, resulting in stunning bass guitar models, polyphonic pitch-shifting and much more. The GK-2B can be easily user-installed on standard electric basses.