Boss PS-5 Super Shifter

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Boss PS-5 Super Shifter

The BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter is a next-generation intelligent pitch shifting pedal with killer sounds and BOSS first features. This single box provides pitch shifting, harmonies, detuning, and wild tremolo arm/flutter effects--all with simple, knob-based control.

* Compact pedal with high-quality pitch shifting, Harmonist and tremolo arm effects
* Intelligent, key-specific pitch shifting of single notes using simple Pitch and Key knobs with scale display
* Key Shift outputs continuous shifted tone for playing in different keys
* Detune effect provides slight shifting for "fattening" a guitar sound
* Tremolo Arm effect bends single notes up or down to a pre-selected value when pedal is activated; optional expression pedal can be connected for realtime control
* Flutter effect simulates fast or slow "slap" or "slam" of tremolo bar when pedal is depressed
* BOSS 5-year warranty


Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu
Input Impedance: 1 M ohms
Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu
Output Impedance: 1 k ohms
Dynamic Range: 115 dBu or greater (Direct), 98 dBu or greater (Effect)
Connectors: INPUT Jack, OUTPUT Jack A (mono)/ B, EXP Jack, AC Adaptor Jack (9 V DC)
Power Supply: 9 V DC: Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V), AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 50 mA (max.)
Accessories: Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V)
Option: AC Adaptor (PSA-Series), Expression Pedal (Roland EV-5)